+98 937363 6843 info@travelagencyiran.com
+98 937363 6843 info@travelagencyiran.com

Our Services

 shemiran gasht is a full service receptive wholesale tour operator. If you want to travel to Iran for any reason, We are providing you travel services. shemiran gasht can support you from the first steps of traveling to Iran such as Iran visa services, travel insurance and booking a taxi at the airport and anywhere. We also book hotels, local houses and airline tickets for you.

Medical Tours

Iran offers a wide range of low-cost treatments, together with a level of professionalism and quality. We continuously develop new ways to help our customer find the perfect place to go for a life saving treatment and an unforgettable travel experience.

Research Tours

Arranging research tours for students, professors and university/high school staff. We offer you 1-2 week(s) customized study tours to iran, and also domestic transport, a personal experienced guide for the duration of your stay and a variety of field trips to a number of different locations in iran.


Adventure Tours

Take the adventure of a lifetime. If you long for adventure and excitement or just want to get out of your comfort zone we have you covered. Iran Adventure Tours consist of activities like desert safari, caving, off road, jungle hiking, mountain climbing, diving, rafting and like these.